Seminar Series 2023
Saturday, January 28, 2-5 p.m.

Build Bridges Not Barriers
Resurrection Lutheran Church
100 W. Lochmere Dr., Cary, NC

Join with other Christians in a conversation that helps to engage with those in the Latter Day Saint (Mormon) community. This event is being hosted by Resurrection Lutheran in Cary in partnership with Jordan Lutheran Church, Apex and Truth in Love Ministry.

The Build Bridges Not Barriers workshop will provide a foundation on LDS (Latter Day Saint) belief and practice and abundant applications of how to engage in conversations with truth and love. Mark Parsons, the vice president of Truth in Love Ministry, brings an expert and current perspective to this conversation to equip us for ministry.

About the Presenter
Mark Parsons - Vice President, Truth in Love Ministry

Mark Parsons is the Vice President of Truth in Love Ministry and heads up their Communications Team. Ever since he was a little boy growing up in Colorado, Mark had a passion for reaching the lost and encouraging others to do the same. He is pictured here with his wife Molly and three youth trained to engage the LDS community. Previously, he served congregations in Georgia, Florida, and Wisconsin specializing in youth, family, and school ministry.

In addition to congregational roles since 2010, Mark has been the Chief Content Curator of Bread for Beggars, which exists to share God's glory through sight, song, and story. This stems from a passion in the arts, music and storytelling. Mark has a special interest in the intersection between all things theology and culture. He especially loves discussing television and movies with his wife and friends. His favorite course ever was one on Theology and Television that he took while pursuing an advanced degree in Theology and Culture.

In July of 2020, Mark and his family relocated to Nampa, Idaho to join the Truth in Love Ministry (TILM) team. His wife Molly works as as TILM Social Media Messenger. Mark and Molly love learning together how to proclaim Christ to Mormons and empower Christians to witness. Our three children have had fun exploring our new state, especially the mountains, rivers, and hot springs.

Most mornings, Mark is up before the sun to get in a marathon training run. While running outside, you will find him listening to a podcast about Mormonism or culture/theology. If the run is inside he is catching up on episodes of his favorite SciFi or teen drama television series. On many weekends they are exploring Idaho together as a family.

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